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400 BEST AI-services. Do you love to collect?

The internet is packed with endless information, all for free. And, people just love hoarding it.

From my perspective in sales, it’s simple: come up with something that’s part of a bigger picture. Release it bit by bit. Trust me, it works wonders. It sells and grabs attention.

But, collecting has its downside. Users endlessly gather valuable content for free. They save it, sign up for webinars and lectures, and stack up these massive libraries of knowledge. Only to never really use them.

Look at the AI services today. We’re nearing a count of about 2,000, and it’s only going up. Every ambitious startup is shifting gears from social media, crypto exchanges, and handy apps to something neural-focused.

Well, the problem of these collectors is their own making. You know, “everyone’s their own savior” and all that.

So, why’s this bad for marketing? These collectors create buzz and activity, an illusion really. But they rarely make a purchase. They’ll sign up for services but never pay up. This way, businesses are facing a slow decay — they have an audience but lack the zest to thrive. Often, they get gobbled up by big corporations who know how to turn a profit. Money, after all, makes the world go ‘round.

Paid products, now they build a genuinely loyal base — one that’s thankful and emotionally connected.

So, while 400 AI services might be overkill, integrating a solid five into our workflow? Sounds just about right.

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