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How to Attract Customers

Let’s talk about the ways to turn visitors into customers and how to influence them most effectively.

First Impression Is the first impression of your business important? With confidence, we can say it’s the most crucial part of online marketing. Less than half of the people who visit your website will make it to the second or third screen. So, how well you craft the initial screen of your website or social media page directly affects the effectiveness of your sales funnel.

Key points:

  • Clarity: Your website should have all the standard elements in the right places.
  • Accessibility: Information should be concise and to the point. Trim the excess.
  • Usefulness: Your texts should focus on customer benefits, not just your product’s features.
  • Visuals and Videos: Graphics and video elements should engage rather than deter visitors, drawing them into exploring your entire site.

Trust Blocks After the initial screen(s), the rest of your website should make sense and build trust with visitors. Include information to boost their confidence:

  • Detailed Offer Descriptions
  • Reviews
  • Certificates
  • Case Studies
  • About the Company
  • Team
  • Photos of Staff, Office, Production
  • Past Projects
  • Pricing (at least a range)
  • Social Media

How to Attract Customers — Build Trust and Showcase Expertise!

Trust + Expertise + Experience

Product Lineup You can expand any offering into a complete product lineup: highlight the main product, its variations, related services, trial options, and a minimal, lower-priced version.

Having a limited selection is crucial. Ideally, it should consist of the main product, a premium option with a higher price, and a budget-friendly version cheaper than the main product.

The First Step How can you make the customer’s first interaction with your company easier? Give them something valuable for free!

This is called a “lead magnet” and is used to ensure that the initial customer contact doesn’t require any spending until they are interested in your main product.

In various industries, this can be:

  • Consultations
  • Trial Periods
  • Limited Access
  • Samples
  • Estimates
  • Project Development
  • Free Materials, and much more

Lead Magnet: Give Value to the Customer for Free

First Experience + Expertise

The Second Step After the first step, you can either sell the main product or offer a “tripwire.” A tripwire is a highly attractive offer, much cheaper than your main product, designed to facilitate the first exchange of money between the customer and your company.

The tripwire can be a part of the main product, providing an excellent representation of it. Its cost should be 5–10 times less than the main product or service.

Main Product The primary product recommendation is to exceed customer expectations and offer more than they anticipate, surpassing what your competitors provide. Often, this can be achieved with minimal additional costs and yields excellent results.

Expanded Product / Minimal Product In your product lineup, aside from the primary product, it’s highly desirable to have a minimal and a maximal option. The minimal one should be cheaper and have fewer features, while the maximal option should represent the best service, support, and features. This way, customers have choices and a clear understanding of the value in each offer.

However, it’s essential not to overcomplicate your product range. With too many options, customers might get confused and leave rather than delve into the intricacies of your product.

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