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How to Sell at a Higher Price

The real secret of marketing: how can you sell at a higher price?

  • Features
  • Trust
  • Service
  • Guarantees
  • Results
  • Social Proof

Benefits of the product

Focus on what sets you apart from others.

What everyone has isn’t worth much attention. Transform features into customer benefits.

specifics + facts + numbers

Instead of “miracle paint”: The coating heals minor scratches and lasts for 25 years.

Instead of “experienced specialists”: 3 years of experience, 42 projects, and 10 certificates (available for review).


Today, people like to buy from people. Let the customer get to know you better.

  • Blog on the website
  • Manage social media
  • Company history
  • Employee photos
  • Personal profiles of top management
  • Maximum contact information
  • Keep in touch

Best Service

Want to dominate the market or sell at a higher price than others?

Offer a level of service head and shoulders above the rest.

Outdo competitors in everything, a little in each aspect or strongly in one thing.

Where they have a range of 10 items, have 30.

Where their delivery takes 3 weeks, do it in one.

Where they offer free delivery, propose removing old equipment.


Guarantee quality or results.

In reality, we don’t often buy the cheapest option.

The product becomes more attractive if it creates

expectations of results and offers stability.

In addition to the direct guarantee, show usage examples: cases, projects, photos, and videos.


Everyone loves bonuses and gifts. Come up with a pleasant addition to the main product.

A gift of 10% of the price usually works better than a 10% discount.

Social Proof

The more reviews, the better.


  • Exhibitions
  • Ratings
  • Certificates
  • Well-known clients
  • Subscribers

In summary, the foundation of creating more value in your offering than others is exceeding in:

  • Features
  • Trust
  • Service
  • Guarantees
  • Results
  • Social Proof

What adds more value to the product for you?

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