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Marketing 101: The Three Whys

Got a headache from all that fancy marketing jargon? Let’s simplify things. When marketing gets too complex, it kinda falls flat. So, let’s stick to basics and dive into the big questions!

The Three Whys:

  1. Why do people buy your stuff?
    Think about the real problems your product solves. Let’s make a chart and list every reason someone would buy what you’re selling. For these reasons, we can spot specific audience segments. Then, make sure these insights pop up in your ads, website, and blog posts.
  2. Why would they pick you over others?
    This is all about your product’s perks and why it’s a blast working with you. Let’s create another table, this time jotting down any doubts, fears, or objections people might have before buying. How does your product help tackle these? Again, shout about these in your ads, website, and blog posts.
  3. How will they find you?
    You could have the most rad product and an awesome website that addresses every client concern. But without traffic, you’re only halfway there. So, how’s your audience gonna stumble upon you? You need visitors, lots of ’em, from as many sources as possible.

As for getting traffic, consider:

  • Who’s your main audience and how do they typically find solutions?
  • If there’s existing demand, I’d check out search engines like Yandex and Google. If the cost-per-click isn’t sky-high, I’d start with that hot demand.
  • Next, I’d jump into targeted ads on social media, starting with the most engaged audience, then push content.
  • Don’t forget to set up retargeting everywhere you can.
  • Then, dive deep into content marketing: website blogs, Instagram, Zen, YouTube, TikTok, etc. Choose based on your available resources and time.
  • After, consider collaborating with bloggers, getting featured in articles or videos online.

The order can totally flip, especially if you’ve got a strategy in mind (or you’re just getting started).

Hope that helps

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