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Motivating Limitations

How to quickly and strongly influence yourself? And others?

When it comes to actions, actions against something are stronger than actions in the name of something. And it’s not even about “pain.” It’s about the fact that we almost always act out of limitations, not additions.


  • Not getting what we want (time, quantity)
  • Missing opportunities (social proof, promotions)
  • Not being an outcast/loner
  • Necessity (food, money, health, security, self-expression)
  • Not being unhappy
  • Not being “worse” than others

We’ve already looked at some of this in triggers. But today, the topic is broader. The comfort of life is growing, and the biggest deficit is willpower, motivation, activity, and consciousness.

The general idea is this: where there are limitations, there is growth. Where there is excess, there is stagnation. Few resources equal new technologies. Many resources mean running around in the field in our underwear.

Limitations don’t have to be something negative. For example, what if we limit our consumption of cakes? Yes, we won’t be able to indulge our inner primitive instincts, the body’s sugar habit, and we’ll abandon our inner child. What’s wrong with that?

To set limitations for ourselves, we don’t have to have nothing, be nobody, or suffer (live in a burrow and chase rats). All it takes is a goal, awareness, and willpower.

How to Activate It for Yourself?

  • Set clear and direct limitations. (a minimum of 60 minutes a day on X)
  • Reward yourself for accomplishing them (I can treat myself to Y if I complete X)
  • Engage your social group (let’s do X together)
  • Remember the negative scenario (I don’t want Z, so I need to do X)
  • Develop and outperform (by doing X, I become no worse than others)
  • I have the right to this level of life (I’ll get it if I do X)

At the same time, “need,” “others,” “standard of living,” “negative scenario” – all entirely at our discretion. Some find the bread stale, while others think the caviar is too small.

Motivation depends on not accepting the current situation and limitations, not on our level of normality.

How to Activate It for Others? Same way!

  • Set clear and direct limitations. (only available to those who do X)
  • Reward them for accomplishing them (you can get Y if you complete X)
  • Engage their social group (A, B, C have already tried – here are their results)
  • Remember the negative scenario (without X, you’ll lose the opportunity to…)
  • Develop and outperform (on average, people do Z, but you can outperform them by twice as much with X)

This is not an exhaustive list, just ideas.

Now we’re talking about the principle. About how to work with yourself and others to improve life. Including in sales and marketing.

Want to sell more? How can we help customers overcome limitations? And what limitations can we add ourselves to encourage purchases?

Limitations are the most direct path to action.

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