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No budget, no time, no energy. Where would I start with marketing?

Blogs are free, so let’s head that way. That’s also where you can snag some free reach or go the DIY route.

First thing’s first, think about who you wanna attract. Sales means you need customers, so let’s cook up ideas mainly for them.

“How to DIY an appendix surgery” – that’s a plan B. Plan A is “How we successfully operated on a client”.

Platform-wise: pick something popular and, preferably, not blocked in your area.

Scope out the competition. Are they there and active? Sweet. Usually, where there’s no competition, there’s no money.

DIY (or delegate) a somewhat decent style: a couple of fonts, a couple of colors – just so you don’t look like you spilled a mixed salad on your floral summer dress.

Write – straight from the heart, just as you feel it. Then, shelve it, revisit after some time, and rewrite. Maybe one more round. Then post.

For videos – same drill: draft, revise, voice it out, refine, then shoot the final piece.

Traffic: Without it, even our best product and content will remain in the dark abyss. Ditch the “good products don’t need advertising” along with whoever’s preaching it.

Traffic sources: ads, hashtags, viral/short vids, manual methods.

Ads – if you’ve got the bucks, manual methods – when you’ve got time. Got neither? Find some, it’s your life after all.

Manual means: Comment, engage, DM. Don’t sell, just keep things buzzing on your account. Bump into someone who feels like the ideal client? Hit them up, genuinely express your wish to collaborate, and offer some value.

Found some cash? Fire up those ads. Then, learn to handle inquiries. At the very least: reply ASAP, always follow up, drive every conversation towards a definite endgame, be it payment or the next step (consult, call/meeting, proposal, sending a file, etc.)

Time flies, but the questions stay kinda the same. Honestly, working with newbies ain’t my jam. In the time-money-quality triangle, they’re lucky if they even know what hyphens are. But I can still lend a hand.

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