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Originality or Efficiency in Marketing?

To anyone not knee-deep in the marketing world, it might seem like business promotion (ads, banners, websites) should be super unique. Everything should dazzle and move. Instead of a regular site? A 3D game! Instead of an ad? A short film! In the minds of many, every business should feel like it’s straight out of a sci-fi movie — think space rockets, plasma engines, the next big iPhone app, or a cure-all potion.

Here’s my two cents:

If your business or product is super ordinary, you’ll need an extraordinary marketing strategy to capture the market. But if what you’re offering is truly one-of-a-kind, you might want to try keeping your promotion straightforward and efficient.

Why, you ask?

The more unique elements in your business, the riskier and more unpredictable it gets. Chaos can rise to such a level that forecasting and planning become a real challenge. And with more chaos, you’ll need way more resources to hit your goals. That’s why a chunk of your venture should be straightforward and yield results.

Creating content? Sure, you can try different things without burning a hole in your pocket. But when it comes to business, tweaking products or services can demand significant resources.

But hey, For small businesses not looking to pour in huge resources, start with proven, straightforward strategies for sales. Stay ahead by constantly analyzing your competitors’ moves, improving your product, and always trying to be that 5–10% better in every aspect. This way, collectively, you’ll stand out without having to reinvent the wheel.

Start small. Prioritize manageability. Find a business process that works and then scale that success.

So, if you’re starting from scratch and you’re dreaming of a super unique website with animations galore, an ad that’s super intriguing yet confusing, or a groundbreaking product with never-seen-before features, just weigh your options. Start simple, get that rolling, and then see where the journey takes you.

What’s your take? What’s more crucial: being original or being effective?

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