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The Secret to Growth on Instagram in 2024 or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Algorithm

Well, I haven’t fallen in love with it yet, but I believe I can. Just need to master it.

◾You want secrets? I’ve got them. The most brilliant ideas are super simple. Execution? That’s a whole other ball game. How to get everything without lifting a finger?

Not possible.

But you can get everything by becoming a content machine and regularly sharing your thoughts in various formats (or just one).

You need two things:

◾Consistency. Like, don’t abandon your blog for more than 3 days. I know the feeling when a blog gets abandoned: “They left us” or “We’re just here for sales.” The motivation to post for the sake of sales is okay; content is always for something.

◾Stable Quality. Decide on a minimal average quality level for your posts, stories, etc. This includes your unique style and the number of times you check your text/pics/videos for mistakes. Slapdash or not?

People get used to you and your content. No matter how much I write on Instagram, the reaction mainly comes from carousels

◾This kind of content machine easily fits into trends and hashtags, and sometimes gets a lot of reach in stories. Not always, but sometimes. And sometimes is enough. Eventually, it won’t be 1 in 10, it’ll be 1 in 5, 1 in 3, and so on.

Algorithms are changing right now, right?

STOP trying to control things you can’t. Focus on the frequency and quality of your content. If Instagram isn’t working for you, try other platforms like YouTube (yes, they have upload buttons too).

So, what’s your secret to growth?

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