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What’s a tripwire and why do you need it?

Everyone loves lead magnets. We hear about them all the time. A lead magnet can grab attention and that’s a great first step. “Tripwire” might not be as popular a term as “lead magnet,” but you’ll still see it pop up everywhere in marketing blogs.

So, why is a tripwire an opportunity for you?

A tripwire is typically a low-cost product, way cheaper than your main product. But just being cheap isn’t enough for it to really shine. Its main purpose? To make it easier for a customer to make their first purchase with you, breaking down barriers and turning a potential customer into a real one.

From a sales funnel perspective, tripwires are even cooler: you give customers a deal, receive their first payment, and earn a whole lot of trust. People pay more attention to things they’ve spent money on. After this, selling the main product becomes much easier.

In short, a tripwire is a super beneficial and easy-to-consume offer priced much lower than your main product. Ideally, it should be 10-20 times cheaper. This allows the customer to make a quick purchase.

Both the benefit and the price are key. It’s not just another product in your lineup; it’s your first deal with a customer. It’s the product you can advertise, and the one you can offer right after (or instead of) a lead magnet.

The more complex and expensive your product, the more important it is to nail your tripwire. You can work with inexpensive offers too, but it’s not as crucial for the sales funnel.

For instance, tripwire examples could be:

  • The first lesson of your course with feedback
  • If you’re into Instagram branding, maybe the first 3 post covers
  • Selling products? Offer a sample set
  • Offline services? The first session at a greatly reduced price
  • Complex services? A paid plan for next steps (or a set of standard solutions)
  • Recurring services? An initial consultation
  • The first piece of content from a monthly package

In my opinion, here’s the thing: while a lead magnet should take the least amount of your time and ideally be given out automatically, a tripwire can be a full-fledged part of a product. It requires more of your effort, but the chance of making a sale is entirely different.

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