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Why aren’t people buying from you?

Why aren’t they buying more than they are now? Here are the four most basic reasons why people might not be buying from you on social media and websites:

  1. Not Selling Enough: If you’re not actively selling, you’re missing out on addressing the most important question about your content: Why does it matter? Keep it simple and make sure to share basic information about your services everywhere you can on social media: in your bio, on your landing page, and in pinned posts. Self-presentation is a powerful tool, even a brief text can make a significant difference.
  2. Selling to Everyone: We buy based on the expectation of getting a specific result we need. We visualize what’s promised, evaluate the price, success probability, and quickly assess the value-price ratio. Every product has a unique reason for purchase. You should tailor your offer to meet those specific needs, not trying to sell to a broad audience. Understand that different people have different priorities, and your offer should address those.
  3. Lack of Trust: If customers don’t trust you, their confidence in the likelihood of a positive outcome drops. No matter the price or the offer, trust is a long game. Today, buyers and sellers rarely know each other personally. To gain trust, you should provide transparency, share reviews, engage in forums, demonstrate expertise, and offer free trials. The more open you are, the more trust you’ll earn.
  4. No Urgency: If there’s no urgency to buy from you, people might procrastinate or choose other options. The market is competitive, and your product can easily get lost among other offers. Today, the competition is for attention, not just money. That’s why social media and content are essential. Consider limiting quantities, offering temporary discounts, or emphasizing the cost of delaying the purchase to create urgency.

And one more thing, if you or your team don’t know how to sell personally (through messages, calls, meetings), that could replace all the above reasons. Selling is a skill, and with some cleverness, it can be learned. Success in business doesn’t require genius; it requires effort and strategy.

Remember, selling to everyone is the same as selling to no one. Tailor your approach, build trust, create urgency, and don’t forget to learn the art of selling. Your success depends on it!”

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