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Why Does Your Business Still Need a Website?

There might not be many reasons. But it’s not about quantity, right?

Analyzing Data: Having a website allows you to analyze statistics properly. Understand where people come from and decide where to invest your time and money for ads and content.

Building a Subscriber Base: Newsletters are alive and well. Both chatbots and email newsletters offer broad sales opportunities. It’s all up to us. Social media relies on algorithms, and we can’t control them.

Ownership and Control: A website belongs to you. It can’t be easily blocked or deleted. You have the freedom to implement your ideas within the law.

Blogging Freedom: On a blog, you operate within the platform’s rules. No one knows who has access to your account. No bots or individuals to block you.

So, at least for these reasons, in 2023, a website is still essential. No matter how good social media and sales within them are. 

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