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Wondering how to focus on product value and still come up short?

While everyone’s talking about value, let’s chat about prices for a sec. You might think a super-valuable product at a low price is a surefire winner.

But here’s the scoop: it takes time. Trust isn’t built overnight. And during that time, a low price might not only fail to reduce demand but could even crank it up (customer reviews can be eye-openers).

Here’s why.


Folks who pay less often fall for pie-in-the-sky promises. They also hope for magic fixes, believing they’ve outsmarted the system. Some even think everything should be free.

And when they don’t get what they want, instead of pointing fingers at themselves, they aim their frustration at the seller (and sometimes, they’re right to do so).

Now, those ready to cough up for quality and results are more likely to pass on too-good-to-be-true offers. They’ve been around the block and know there’s usually a catch. They’re into responsibility, not miracles.

Prices carry more weight when it comes to service value; goods are easier to compare. Although, in the world of online stores, it’s all kinda the same these days.

Comparing services before they’re delivered? Nearly impossible. No sales pitch or fancy funnel can guarantee success once the real work begins.

When we offer services on the cheap, we’re targeting those who aren’t too fussed about it. They can easily swap us out for a cheaper option or have pretty fuzzy expectations about results.

Selling to them is like playing “guess what promises the others made.”

For me, when a business cuts corners on promotion, I see a big red flag. Same goes for folks who won’t chat properly about their project. It’s not just a warning bell; it’s a full-on alarm.

Prices shape how we perceive value. Something pricier often feels like better quality. Being the top dog in your price range isn’t as simple as it sounds. This ties into building your brand.

So, having reasonable prices is key.

If you’re pricier than the competition, show why. If it’s not clear, explain. Same goes for being cheaper.

And remember, my friend, it’s all about the value, not just the price 

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