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Elevate your business by enhancing every aspect of the sales funnel

We offer Facebook advertising, website creation and optimization, Google Ads, Google SEO, content for social media, and blog article creation. Your growth is our priority.

5+ years
71 projects

It just doesn’t work this way!
Time for a change.
You keep switching specialists, trying out different solutions. One day you catch yourself thinking: this isn’t working, something needs to change. You see others flourishing while your project remains stagnant.

Once you clearly recognize the need for change, you might be at various stages, leading us to several scenarios.

For instance, you might be just planning to venture online and are unsure where to start. Maybe you aren’t receiving inquiries from potential clients, or the inquiries might be too few. Sometimes, you might get plenty of inquiries, but the sales remain low. These are the typical situations we handle.

You realize something’s off and decide to take action. That’s where I come in. What happens next?

I listen to your concerns, ask questions, dive deep into your project, and discuss potential solutions. Then, I suggest the best approach.

We kickstart the work, implement our strategies, test them out, and see results. First and foremost, we gain new insights and understanding, and soon after, revenue.

Success Projects

FB ads + redesign of website Worldwide

Where We Started: Our site was on the ECWID platform, with only in-house advertising. Sales were inconsistent, averaging about 1.1 sales per day. The challenge? To boost sales, or at the very least, grow our social media following.

Our Game Plan: We aimed to test various advertising strategies and identify the best combinations for sales (landing pages + ad campaigns).

Taking the First Step: The initial three months weren’t fruitful. However, in 2023, on our second attempt, we cracked the code to consistent sales. After tasting this first success, we transitioned to our own domain on WordPress, giving us the flexibility to tweak the design. Latest Updates? We’ve initiated regular email campaigns and started crafting SEO-driven articles (long-form content)

The Outcome: We accomplished 354 sales, generating over $31,860, with an advertising budget of just $9,022. Our initial email campaigns experienced a 35-43% open rate, leading to direct sales.

I hope this suits your needs! Let me know if there are any other adjustments you’d like.

hockey collection items

Where Did We Start?

Our mission was to boost sales of collectible hockey items — from memorabilia and autographs to much more. At that point, online sales were sporadic and few in between.

Our Game Plan? Launch Facebook ads targeting our current website.

Our Initial Steps: With a vast array of individual product listings, we settled on a few design styles to work with and got started.

The Results? For over 6 months, we managed the ads, and throughout that period, we consistently received orders. The ads had a notably active click-through rate, with CTR regularly exceeding 5%, sometimes even reaching up to 7%. 

The advertising was not only profitable but also yielded a good ROI. We aren’t privy to the exact figures, but the project wrapped up not due to a dip in performance, but rather a shift in the business owner’s priorities.

Portrait Gift
FB ads + Poland

What was the task?

The main goal and objective of the project were to maintain the required level of advertising expenditure as a proportion of turnover while actively increasing sales.

Therefore, KPIs were established, and efforts began to increase the number of tests.

What about results? 

Our results: Within the first month and a half, we managed to increase turnover to $20,400 with expenses just slightly over $4,020, which only exceeded the target level by 20% of the advertising expenditure share. We continue to run advertisements and increase budgets to grow overall turnover and profit.

About us


My name is Constantine
and I’m marketer and owner of the agency with a practice of 4 years and 64 projects in PPC, SEO, SMM, marketing strategy and funnels

who am I?

My name is Constantine. I’m a marketer and the owner of an agency with 4 years of experience, during which I have successfully completed 64 projects in website design, PPC, SEO, SMM, marketing strategy, and sales funnels


I’m working with my team of 4 people. We are fast, adaptive
and flexible. No time for waiting.


We use all tools
of AI, services and add specialists we need. Along with a huge experience and studying base of marketing

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Elevate Your Business with Our Comprehensive Marketing Package: Facebook Ads

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  • Facebook Ads
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Transform your business with our all-inclusive marketing package: Facebook ads and tailored website services, including website enhancement, modification, and creation, depending on your unique needs. Elevate your online presence and achieve exceptional results today.

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  • Website
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Google SEO
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Elevate your business with our all-inclusive digital marketing package. We’ll enhance your website’s performance, drive targeted traffic through Facebook and Google Ads, boost your search engine rankings with Google SEO, and create engaging content for social media marketing. This comprehensive solution will propel your business to new heights in the digital realm, delivering remarkable results. Don’t miss out—start your journey to success today!

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Message me and I will tell you how it works and give you at least 5 recommendations and ideas for promoting your business, absolutely free.

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What is Systematic Marketing?

How does it work? 

What is Systematic Marketing?
Systematic marketing brings together all the pieces and elements that influence sales to achieve a common goal.

How does it work? 

Imagine this: in the evening, you decide to check up on your business. You open a spreadsheet and within a minute, you spot all the wins and losses from the past week and month. You see that ad sales are rising, the sales department exceeded expectations, but something’s off with the blog.

You set a goal to delve into this issue tomorrow, tagging all responsible parties. By morning, the problem is halfway solved. Everyone’s in the loop, sharing ideas and thoughts, while you just allocate specific tasks in terms of time. All you need to do is check back in a week to see the results.

You’ve just saved yourself 4 hours on a couple of marketing tasks.

Now, you have time to focus on your strategic growth objectives. You can find contractors, launch a new product, improve post-sales service, or set up an employee training algorithm.

You also take note of this progress for yourself, and it seems like it’s time to push a bit harder to end the year with a planned +40% growth. It’s noon, and you can now turn to the results of your second project. It’s not magic; it’s consistent, systematic work.

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